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Scream Queen Brinke Stevens spent 3 days filming in Racine

1. How did you get involved with Jason Paul Collum and the movies October Moon and November Son?

Back in the 1990’s, Jason first wrote me a letter to introduce himself.  Soon after, he moved to Los Angeles and started making movies here.  I starred in his short film “Julia Wept”, and we were both involved with Dave DeCoteau’s “The Frightening” and also “Deadly Stingers”.  Later on, Jason included me in two horror documentaries: “Screaming in High Heels” and “Something to Scream About”, and he shot bonus material of me for the re-release of “Slumber Party Massacre”.   I’m also featured in his book “Assault of the Killer B’s”.  Eventually, Jason returned to his native Wisconsin.  He’s brought me to Racine WI for several projects, including “Shy of Normal” and most recently “Safe Inside”.  I was thrilled that he offered me such a great role in “October Moon” and “November Son”.  He’s an amazingly nice guy, as well as a very talented filmmaker; I’ve always loved working with him.

high heels DVD

2. What was it like filming the scene with the coffin on the lake during November Son?

For a nightmare sequence, Jason asked me to wade into a scummy pond and open up a floating coffin, then tussle with a not-so-dead corpse.  I was understandably reluctant, as there might’ve been leeches or other predators in the dark water.  But several crewmen also had to enter the lake, so I bravely played out that scene.  Later, as I was showering pond-scum out of my hair, I started laughing at the weird things I will do as an actress that I’d never even consider doing in real life!

OM 2 -brinke with coffin

3. How would you describe your character in these films?

‘Nancy’ is very sympathetic and a good friend to the protagonist.  I’ve played my share of villains, so it was nice to be a likeable character.  Of course, she does suffer a bit in the second film!

4. How do people find out more about you and your films?

My website is, and my full resume can be found on IMDB:


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