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Ravenous Monster recently caught up with the Emerald City’s whirling dervish of the arts and got the goods on RAW MEAT, projects past, and what makes Tonjia Atomic tick. Read on, Horror Fans, lest you be besieged by flying monkeys….

RavMon: You’re a writer, a director, an actress, an artist, and a musician among many other roles. Which of these pursuits are you most passionate about?

Tonjia Atomic: Music is my greatest passion emotionally, but filmmaking is very fulfilling in many ways. I like many different roles as far as filmmaking is concerned which can include writing, acting, and even music. So, even though music is my greatest passion I find myself putting more energy into filmmaking. I try to balance all of my interests, but that can be difficult.


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About Author

Tonjia Atomic is an award-winning filmmaker, actress, musician, jeweler, and freelance writer. Her films include Plain Devil, Walking to Linas, Claudia Qui, and the Raw Meat series. Her writing has been featured in several online and print magazines. She's in the bands Duet To-It, Huh-Uh, and Filthy Issue. Tonjia is also a martial artist. She has spent several years training in Jeet Kune Do with Taky and Andy Kimura at the the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute of Seattle.

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