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I have recently had the pleasure of viewing two Katie Carman directed projects. The first is her feature debut zombie film, “Eat Me!” Eat Me! follows a local New York rock band who, after emerging from a basement band practice, must battle their way through a zombie infested city. This unconventional zombie movie was written by Liz Lee who stars in the film and who is a co-partner of Cold Hands Productions- the production company responsible for Eat Me!


Like Shaun of the Dead, Eat Me! is a story of everyday guys stuck in the middle of a zombie outbreak. The comedy in this story comes from the absolute cluelessness of

the main characters. They really have no idea how to handle the situation and try their hardest to come up with crazy ideas that work or fail with hilarious results. My own years of being in rock bands made the many silly and heated arguments that they have particularly funny to me. The fact that the cast is made up of both women and men with varying ethnic backgrounds made this film particularly enjoyable to watch. This is something that I have recently learned is a conscious decision on the part of Katie and I think works both on an aesthetic and authentic level for this film.


Katie’s forthcoming, “The Sucker,” is very different from Eat Me! which proves to show Katie’s versatility as a filmmaker. It is the story of a man with autism who is obsessed with finding the Chupacabra. This short piece explores the obsession with the Chupacabra and the family’s reaction to it. While autism is an important plot device for the story, it is neither demonised (except possibly by the family who does not understand it) nor held dear. It simply is and is as refreshing and non-offensive as you can get.


Katie is a promising emerging director. While her first projects are obviously limited-budget, they lack the bad aspects that usually are a clue to low-budget like horrible acting, shaky camera work, cliche story lines, and slow silly dialogue. Because of the solid writing and direction of her films they are enjoyable to watch not because they are low-budget but despite the fact that they are. I am truly looking forward to her next feature a horror-noir thriller, Off Season.


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