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I’m super excited about my new dvd haul from directors Joe Sherlock and John Bowker. I ordered The Seekers, written and directed by John Bowker  with Joe Sherlock as Director of Photography and Housebound also written and directed by John Bowker starring Joe Sherlock. Also in my package was a hand drawn creepy character from Housebound, drawn by Joe Sherlock.

I’m a huge fan of Joe and John’s work. I’d recently seen the premiere of Blood Creek Woodsman and it was fantastic. It’s a slasher about a woodsman who goes crazy and kills people! I’m a huge fan of genre films, because they’re awesome. I’m also a huge fan of low budget and indie schlock films. But come on, if we’re going to be honest most of the time the reason why we, those who love them, watch those films is because they are so bad that we laugh at them. The films of Joe Sherlock and John Bowker rise above that.

Even though there are times that the acting isn’t always great and the production value is noticeably low budget, the films are smarter than your average schlock fare. The stories a more than recycled plot lines and when they do have familiar elements there is either something unique or a sense that the film is aware of itself. The acting actually is usually quite good and when it is a little self conscious there is still an understanding that the actors are having a good time. Having seen several of their films at this point there are a few actors/actresses that I’m growing quite fond of.

The films have a range of styles from full on cheese to bloody slasher to eerie thriller. What I like best about these films is that they feel like high quality smart homegrown movies. There’s a feel that these movies are made in the filmmakers own houses with help from friends and family but taken to the next level by people who know what they are doing. I already have two of Joe Sherlock’s films and I can’t wait to buy Bloodcreek Woodsman when it comes out. Here’s the trailer.

Blood Creek Woodsman trailer

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