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Your movie Awesome Ouija Board – in a few words, what is it about?

Awesome Ouija Board is a horror comedy about two turn-of-the-century women who decide to spend an afternoon playing with a homemade ouija board. Of course the results are disastrous.

What were your inspirations for thinking upAwesome Ouija Board, and how did the project get off the ground?

Awesome Ouija Board is a silent short that we made for the NorthWest Film Forum’s silent movie challenge. I made it with my team members Forrest Baum, who co-directed, and Ada Karamanyan, who co-wrote and starred in it.  I came up with the idea because I thought that it would be clever if a ouija board were to predict the death of the players of the board all because the board itself was planning to fulfill the prophecy. But of course we wanted to keep it fun and funny.

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