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For those who haven’t heard of them yet, the Dolls of Despair are a team of female reveiwers and interviewers with a podcast and website devoted to the horror genre.  They started their blog “based solely on their being women fans of horror who ‘want their say’!”

Delicious Dude of The Week – Bill Oberst Jr.

A new feature that they are offering is called Delicious Dude of the week. I’m pretty excited about this. Here’s what Dolls of Despair has to say about it, “We decided to do a Delicious Dude of the Week at Dolls Of Despair to counter most of our peers who focus strictly on scream queens. Those blogs and websites devoted to horror religiously feature a hot women in horror, with endless photos and links to her products, sharing plenty of her T&A for their followers. Well, we women want our say, so we want to share our opinions on horror too! Contrary to popular belief, as it’s been proven that women are more likely to be stimulated sexually via a more deep mental connection, we too enjoy and appreciate the male physique.”

While I love me some scream queens, I have to say I am all about gender equality and it’s about time we had some Delicious Dudes to celebrate. The current Delicious Dude is actor Bill Oberst Jr. I have actually just seen the movie Nude Nuns with Big Guns in which Bill appears prominently towards the beginning. I must say he is a good choice.  Here’s what the Dolls have to say about him, “Bill Oberst Jr. has sex appeal as well as creep appeal. He has a delicious figure, dark as it might be, with a fine tight ass and we loved featuring him! The Dolls want to create more opportunities for men in horror like Bill to get a ‘spread’ on a blog or .com. Women horror fans can appreciate a nice set of knockers almost as much as their male counterparts, but we like our own flavor of eye candy, so we are making that possible. Not only do we get to feature a male actor in horror that we admire and find appealing to the eye, we also give that actor the opportunity to shine for a week on the Dolls Of Despair blog, market our product to their fans, and most of the fellas get a little ego boost along the way. It’s high time that the female horror fans have a voice in the horror reviewing community. Hasn’t it been long overdue?”

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