Compound Fracture – Go See It!


Recently, my husband and I went to a screening of Compound Fracture. The screening was unlike anything else I’d ever gone to. The filmmakers Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings have made a unique film and are touring the country with it doing screenings and meet and greets. I must say, it is all very punk rock to me and I love it. Not only does it help gain exposure for the film it also creates a fun and unique night where you can talk to the filmmakers in a candid way. They have also been working with Scares that Care which is a great charity.

It was fun to meet both Tyler Mane and Renae Geerlings who wrote and starred in the film. They were friendly and charming. Unfortunately the director, A J Rickert-Epstein, could not make the screening that night. The screening, pre-show film, and Q and A were fun and funny as well as informative. We even won a poster in a raffle that was held, and we got to watch audience members act out their wildest death scenes.

The movie itself was very unique. It was part ghost story, part family drama, part supernatural thriller, and so much more. I really enjoyed it. Tyler and Renae have great onscreen chemistry. The acting and the feel overall was very natural. Horror fans will be delighted to know that Derek Mears and Muse Watson also star in this. I don’t want to tell too much about the film because I want you to go see it for yourselves! Check out their facebook page for more info and screening schedule.



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